Vince’s Personal Recipes

These are Vince’s personal recipes. Purchase all ingredients for these recipes at your local market.

Best Chili Ever (Slow Cooker)

Can of diced tomatoes. Onions , celery, red, yellow and orange peppers. Can of red kidney beans. 1 lb ground beef raw Use half of our farmers sausage (hot) cut in pieces. Put everything into a crock pot and cook for 6-8 hrs Optional- add a tbsp of crunchy peanut…

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Smoked Turkey Medley

Dice red, yellow and orange peppers as well as tomatoes and onions. Fry all ingredients in olive oil and add salt & pepper to taste. Can also add thyme. Sautee sausage whole until golden brown. Cut finger length. Take all ingredients and lay them on a bed of rice (Jasmine…

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Better Spaghetti Sauce

Person sauce Fry 1 lb ground beef separate Poach 5 Italian sausage whole mild or hot. Add all these ingredients cook for 1 hr do not cut sausage yet. Then take out sausage to let cool for 10 minutes, cut into finger width and add sausage back into sauce and…

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